Friday, September 13, 2013

Our week at Unwritten HQ

We promised to take you behind the scenes of Unwritten Clothing - so why not let you in on the favourite parts of our week!
Of course, we always love our new arrivals. This week focuses on flirty florals which we are loving at the moment with the arrival of Spring! Stock shopping was exciting (as usual) and we have some amazing brights we are in the middle of shooting & getting edited for you to get online next week. It looks like cute dresses and playsuits are making a comeback this Summer!
You probably also know that we are big on being fit and healthy (with the occasional cheat of course!!) so we want to share our favourite workout, meal, song and instagram pics with you each week! If your aren't already following us, come by to @unwrittenclothing and take a look!

Workout: been dreaming of running but can't seem to make it more than a few hundred metres? We have found the app c25k (couch to 5 kilometres) and can TOTALLY vouch for it! It covers an interval program over 8 weeks to work you up to running 5 ks, all the while playing your favourite iTunes playlist and telling you when it's time to 'walk' and 'run'. We are up to week 8 and can now run for 28 minutes!

Meal: our instagram followers will know we are obsessed with the blog A Lil Less Sugar, (also on instagram @alillesssugar) which is run by one of our gorgeous models, Sarah. She is a clean eating fanatic who is always coming up with little tweaks and changes to your favourite meals and snacks to make the healthy, and delicious! This weeks top pick: her coconut pancakes topped with a drizzle of honey and strawberries...AMAZING! You can find the recipe here

Song: Bye Bye Bye - N*Sync. Okaaaay we know we are taking it back old school with that one, but their reunion at the awards last week had us reminiscing about our younger years when riding a bike on the street after school to get a Splice from the corner store was the worst of our worries!! And we know you secretly love their boy-band-dance-moves!!!

New arrivals are up now!

Sneak peeking at this weeks shopping fun!

Floral fun while shopping

Uploading our new arrivals with some prettiness at Unwritten HQ

 Your-Tea's Tiny Tea arrived! YAY! Time to cleanse our digestive systems and speed up those metabolisms!

Our most exciting news of the week! Our best selling dress EVER, the Angelina Shard Sequin dress by SASS is making a comeback this season! In a brand new black and gold colour, it will blow you all away! And will be online in 3 weeks!

Spring & Summer means fun brights and patterns to spice up the winter Monochrome staples

Saturday morning workout essentials

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