Sunday, July 01, 2012


Before I get started...I realise this is a fashion blog, not a beauty blog. But, I also believe that accessories and beauty are just as much a part of fashion as the outfit you decide to wear and the shoes you match with it. You can dress up a plain white tee & jeans even just with a bright pop of nail polish, a statement necklace & your favourite heels!
I posted an image I found on Pinterest to my instagram of some 'gradient painted' nails & got such a positive response I thought I would try it myself. I then posted my attempt & have had so many comments & people asking how I did it I thought I would do a blog to show you how easy it actually is! And trust me, if I can do it, you can do it!
I will write under each image so it is easier to follow...

 You will need: nail polish remover, 2 colours to create the gradient (I have chosen OPI Paz-itively Hot & Lucky Lucky Lavender), a clear top coat, cotton buds, a make-up sponge  a nail file.
1. To start with, I file my nails to shape & paint the bottom colour. Because this layer needs to be completly dry, I wait until the next day to create the gradient.

 2. Create a 'point' with your sponge (this can also be done with a circle sponge) and paint a small section of the gradient colour onto the sponge.

 3. Sponge the gradient colour onto the top half of each nail. You don't need to be too precise, it will create a better effect if it isn't a definite line. The first layer will appear quite thin & light (above, you can hardly tell there is a lavender layer). I put a new dab of polish onto the sponge for each nail.

 4. Wait a few minutes in between each layer to give them a chance to semi-dry. I have done 3 layers. After the first layer, I focus mainly on the tips to create the stronger colour. Don't put too much nail polish on the sponge - it seems to 'stick' a little to your nail & creates a more effective gradient. I had a little too much lavender polish to start with and it just seemed to take the purple away from the tip & the pink was really showing through. Once I tried dabbing a little less polish it worked a lot better.

 5. Paint a layer of top coat & you're done! The top coat makes an amazing difference & really blends the look. If you need to, dip a cotton bud into the nail polish remover to remove any excess sponged around the nails.

-Wearing: Lavender Love knit available online this week. 'Love' and 'hearts' small rings available soon. ASOS floral pants.
I would love to see some examples once you have given this look a try! Tag #unwrittenclothing on instagram so we can all see your gradients! 
You will be so impressed at how easy this is, and it really does look like you have gone to a lot of effort! (It's also easy to sponge over any chips you get without having to paint the whole nail. An easy look with low maintenance, what more could we ask for!?)

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  1. I saw the link for this on the seafolly photo on facebook and it looked way easier so I gave it a go and it turned out quite decently. Not perfectly, because I was too impatient to leave long enough drying times, and my technique with the sponge was a bit off at first, but by the end it was going well and I think next time it will turn out perfectly! Thanks for putting this up, it really was very easy and it looks groovy.