Thursday, August 15, 2013


The feeling at Unwritten HQ can only be described as excitement at the moment. So many new arrivals are being delivered every week and they are SO colourful! Our first drops of Spring pieces have just landed today! You can check them out at

Those of you that know me will know that I am NOT a Winter person. It's cold (yes, I know you can snuggle under a mink blanket but it's just not the same!!), it's much more tempting to over-indulge in fatty foods and lollies and also WAY more tempting to stay in front of the heater than get up and go for a run.
I have some news Aussie gals...THERE IS ONLY 17 DAYS UNTIL SPRING! Yep, that's right! And some of our followers from Northern Australia will be feelin' the heat already.

I went for a run this morning the smell of Spring was in the air. You know the smell - fresh cut grass and that new flower smell on the breeze that has lost it's chill. The weather is warming, gatherings are getting more regular, hemlines are getting shorter, the razor is going to be friends with our legs quite regularly again and the sweet smell of fake tan will fill our bathrooms.
It's only going to be a few weeks until the Bikini, towel and ipod will be making a come back to the beaches! Never fear, I am here to give you some motivation! It's time to eat clean, work out and get lean! Have fun with it - make it an excuse to catch up with friends you wouldn't normally after work, go for a walk, do some yoga on the beach, get out in the sun and smile (have on sold you on how much more fun Spring & Summer are!?)

Here are a few of Unwritten's favourite Spring inspo pics, you can head to our Pinterest & We Heart It pages for more!
Ami x

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