Thursday, July 19, 2012


Anyone that knows me knows that I have a major girl crush on Miranda Kerr. I have for years. 
Apart from her stunning looks, to-die-for body, dimples and bouncy hair - she has major style cred, she's Australian AND she's a Mum. 
She strives for her goals (hellooo getting into that bangin' swimsuit just 12 weeks after giving birth to Flynn!) and she seems to really enjoy herself whilst she is doing it. I think no matter what your goals, whether they be career orientated or otherwise, you should always be enjoying yourself on the way there.

I love that Miranda can go from dolled up and glamorous for Victorias Secret to the next day being snapped in jeans, a loose fit tee, flats and sunglasses and still look just as amazing. Below are some casual snaps of Miranda, and a few Unwritten Clothing pieces you can mix into your wardrobe to get her casual-chic look.

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  1. Have you read her book Treasure Yourself? It's so empowering. I also really like that pair of floral pants she's wearing in that picture!