Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Feeling a little stressed and sluggish after the Holiday Season?
Dreading the thought of being back at work for the New Year?
Started your New Years Resolution of getting fit and have tired and sore muscles?
Well ladies, this blog post is for you!
We love to keep you updated on all things Unwritten Clothing (of course!) but, we are girls...and we understand beauty and health is just as important as fashion & style! Read on for some tips we have been googling:
- Fill a bath with warm water.
- Add a handful of Epsom Salt
- Add half a cup of baking soda
- Add 10-15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
- Relax in your bath for at least 20 minutes (and play out chill playlist on Spotify!)
- Moisturise your skin when you are out of the bath and dry

This will help your body to flush away toxins, ease stress and can help to improve sleep, relieve pain and reduce muscle cramps

You can add any variations you like...here are some more tips we have come across in our 'relaxation research'

- Add Peppermint Essential Oil if you are feeling tired and fatigued
- Add grated Ginger or Ginger Powder to help you to sweat more (similar to a sauna or steam room) and release more toxins from the body
- Add Sweet Orange or Rose Geranium to moisturise and soothe the skin and also help improve hormone balance
- Add Pine to help clear up skin problems including psoriasis and eczema, 

* You may need to do a patch test on your skin first if you have sensitive skin to ensure no irritation will occur.
* Some oils and ingredients are not suitable for pregnancy

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