Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We had such an amazing little get-away in Bali. I have to admit Unwritten is like my baby and has been main focus for so long that I haven't been on a holiday in 4 years! It was lovely to escape the cool Winter weather in Aus for 9 days for a tropical holiday! It was so hard to pick and choose through so many perfect photos that were taken, but here are a few of my faves. Ami x

 We had our own private villa in the Eden Residence about 5 minutes drive from the centre of Semikyak. The pool was one of our favourite parts of the villa! Perfect for laying in the sun and rolling into when it gets too hot!

Selfie fun with one of Unwritten's models, Sarah, in our floor to roof mirrors.
Above - wearing the Zebra tee-dress $49 (centre) online now!
Below - wearing the Flirty Fun hi-low studded dress $49 (outside) online now!

A yummy fruit platter every morning for breakfast

Relaxing exercise on our rooftop overlooking the beach

 We spent a day at Uluwatu lazing around the infinity pool and drinking cocktails (jealous!?) and had a delicious Fish Masala for lunch

Beautiful village views from our boat whilst on a snorkeling trip

Amazing sunsets and Strawberry Margiratas at Rock Bar 

Living off my favourite dish - Mie Goreng for 9 days!

A cute little beach side restaurant walking distance from our villas with delicious Mie Goreng! 

Watching some more beautiful sunsets at Echo Beach (if you are heading to Bali, it is fantastic on Sunday afternoons!) Wearing the Zebra tee-dress $49

Feeling the love watching a wedding from our rooftop complete with hundreds of lanterns and night fireworks!

Some shots from around our Villa. Our picturesque vine filled entrance, details in our lounge room, a spa bath on the roof top overlooking the beach, the view from my room overlooking our pool and one of the day beds around our pool

And last but not least, home time. A comfy plane trip in the Graze Kitty tee ($39) and a few DVD's to pass the time. Sad to say goodbye, although I would prefer not to think of it as goodbye, rather see you soon...I know I will be back again!

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  1. this must have been a gorgeous trip :) I´m going to Bali next month and I hope to enjoy it like you did :D